When the whole is greater than the sum of its partnerships.

The OC LLP and CJ LLP marriage is well past the honeymoon period and all of the founders and partners are still totally focussed on developing systems that are as good looking and user friendly as they are technically brilliant. And not falling out about who left the toilet seat up (or down). Fantastic news all round.

When OC went to CJ last November with a need for fantastic UX and UI design for their newly conceived Paycircle product, CJ loved it so much they bought into the company. They also bought in to OC’s strategies and structures for modern businesses and became a client too!

The relationship, like any courting period, has involved evenings at the pub (lots) and intimate candlelit dinners (always followed by Sambucca – Joe). Times of tolerance (Al) and tantrums (Cat). Times of total frustration followed by euphoria… and then frustration… and then euphoria. Fantastic milestones like our website and the launch of Paycircle. We have met each other’s families and pets and now we are about to spend our first Christmas together….must be time for our first fight then….

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ben crampin


Ben’s been here pretty much since the get-go and, as such, has been instrumental in growing the business into what it is today.
He’s passionate about, in his words, ‘helping people and businesses that are just constantly being taken advantage of’ by providing affordable advice and support with an eye to ‘levelling the playing field’.
Ben looks forward to the day when automation will, once and for all, fumigate the fear and confusion caused by oppressive bureaucracy and strongly believes that ‘technology holds the solutions to the problems we’re trying to solve’.
Furthermore, he can see that technology will, in time, provide the scalability required to help a theoretically limitless number of SMEs survive and thrive against the odds.
Ben doesn’t think much of government agencies and he doesn’t suffer fools; two points that aren’t always mutually exclusive.